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  • JANUARY 21 2021

Kick off the new year with a truck that’s going to take your business places! We have the versatile Powerstar FT8 Truck Tractor ready for you to drive off our showroom floor and onto your road to success.

  • Cummins Euro III
  • 6m and 12m empty container operation
  • Warranty 2 years unlimited mileage

R425,000.00 excl. VAT

Contact us at 031 700 1222 or sales@truckcentredurban.co.za for more info.


  • JANUARY 15 2021

Our Powerstar FT Series trucks are extremely popular, offering a variety of body types across the range. The flagship FT10 is especially useful in a wide range of industries – including agriculture, mining and industrial with bodies such as drill rigs, cranes, compressors and cattle bodies regularly fitted to the trucks. The FT10 is locally assembled and is powered by a Euro 3, 6.7 litre, 270hp (198Kw) Cummins ISDe engine. The in-line six-cylinder motor is turbocharged and intercooled, and is mated to a six-speed manual ZF (6s1000) transmission.

Contact us for more info on this versatile truck!

Tel: 031 700 1222
Email: sales@truckcrentredurban.co.za


  • JANUARY 7 2021

Get the Iveco Daily Euro 5, 11 cubic metre automatic panel van for a special offer of only R620,000.00 ex VAT.
• Euro 5 170HP
• Hi-Matic A8 gearbox
• Only Code 8 (Code B) licence required
Contact us TODAY and drive into 2021 in style!
Tel: 031 700 1222
Email: sales@truckcentredurban.co.za
Offer is for model 35S17V11 A8 E5 MY16 only and valid while stocks last.


  • JANUARY 1 2021

A first for South Africa! FREE 5 years/120,000 km service plan is now an integral part of the product offering on the New Daily. In addition, a host of maintenance and repair contract plans from IVECO Elements will help owners to control running costs with certainty.
Click below for more info on this amazing deal. Read More


  • DECEMBER 2 2020

We are HUGELY appreciative of the friendship and support from Tracey and Don McGill and their team at Don’s Deliveries, as we proudly deliver our Iveco Stralis 480 and their 100th truck purchase to them! Don’s proudly fly the flag across TCD’s range of vehicles with Iveco Daily’s, Iveco Eurocargo’s and Iveco Stralis’s in their fleet and next week we will be delivering their first Powerstar FT10 to join their fleet. We wish them all the best in their quest for the next 100 truck purchases!

See their journey here: Read More


  • NOVEMBER 25 2020

Iveco’s manufacturing facility is situated in Rosslyn, Pretoria and cements Iveco’s commitment to the local market. 150 employees produce and support Iveco medium, heavy duty and extra heavy-duty trucks, as well as front engine buses through the local plant, training centre and quality assurance department. The plant utilises top level technologies and manufacturing methods to provide to every customer high quality products and to ensure the plant is a working environment tailored to employees. By supporting Truck Centre Durban, you also support other local businesses.


  • NOVEMBER 23 2020

Why choose original Iveco oil filters? An original Iveco oil filter offers two key advantages:


Iveco original oil filters have a high-tech internal structure: the multi-layer medium. Made from three layers of synthetic material, it creates a high filtration capacity and resistance.


For optimal, long-lasting lubrication with no premature wear to mechanical parts, the oil must be pure.

Contact Truck Centre Durban for all your quality, original Iveco parts and service.

Tel: 031 700 1222
Email: sales@truckcentredurban.co.za


  • NOVEMBER 12 2020

Thanks to its double low ratios the Iveco Daily 4×4 van or cab is available with 12 forward gears with manual transmission and with 16 with the HI-MATIC transmission. Gaining unlimited climbing ability while maintaining maximum comfort. You can easily engage the low speed ratio by activating the ergonomic button on the dashboard.

Check out this video to see the Iveco Daily 4×4 in action!


  • NOVEMBER 11 2020

When you join the Truck Centre Durban family, it’s for life. We have your back every kilometre of the way, like this recent unfortunate incident with our client Don’s Deliveries, which was swiftly and efficiently resolved.

“It took the mechanic just less than 30 minutes to come and assist me, then my truck was back on the road within an hour’s time… he even bought me ice cream since it was hot on that day.” – Victor, Don’s Deliveries driver.


  • NOVEMBER 3 2020

All Iveco Stralis engines are equipped with highly responsive Variable Geometry Turbochargers (VGT). This results in high low-end torque and superior engine braking performance. The flexibility resulting from the reduced number of gear changes translate into higher efficiency and lower fuel consumption. All engines are equipped with a decompression engine brake, which ensures additional safety and helps reduce braking system wear and maintenance costs.

For highly efficient service and advice, contact us TODAY!

Tel: 031 700 1222
Email: sales@truckcentredurban.co.za


  • OCTOBER 28 2020

Dominate all terrains with the Iveco Trakker. This truck has been designed for heavy-duty applications to transport aggregates and construction materials effortlessly.

Contact us for more info and we’ll move mountains for you.

Tel: 031 700 1222
Email: sales@truckcentredurban.co.za


  • OCTOBER 26 2020

Powerstar’s VX 2635 Drill Rig comes with a 3 year/300 000km warranty (SA only). This vehicle is powered by a Weichai Euro 2 Turbo charged intercooled engine, delivering up to 340HP. Transmission comprises of a 12 speed gearbox with a P.T.O. It’s an uncomplicated, value-driven vehicle that is ideally suited to African conditions.

Contact us for more info.

Tel: 031 700 1222
Email: sales@truckcentredurban.co.za


  • OCTOBER 23 2020

The Iveco Eurocargo 4×4 is designed for off-road conditions and respects people and the environment, making it a popular choice for transport operators looking for a robust and reliable machine that is versatile.

Contact us for more info on this impressive machine!

Tel: 031 700 1222
Email: sales@truckcentredurban.co.za


  • OCTOBER 15 2020

The Powerstar FT10 Chassis Cab is a powerful, versatile truck with several body types and innovations possible to suit small and large business transport needs. The FT10 is powered by a Euro 3, 6.7-litre, 270HP (198Kw) Cummins ISDe engine. The in-line six-cylinder motor is turbocharged and intercooled, and is mated to a six-speed manual ZF (6s1000) transmission. That engine produces 970Nm of peak torque, from 1 400rp/m, which is more than enough to haul the FT10’s 10.4-ton body and payload.

Contact us for more info on this and the rest of the value-driven FT Series.

Tel: 031 700 1222
Email: sales@truckcentredurban.co.za


  • OCTOBER 12 2020

Whether you’re going the distance or staying close to home, your business can count on IVECO to keep it moving with 24-hour roadside assistance. Whatever the day or time, just call 0800 116 967 and we’ll be there!

Click this link to find out more: Read More

Shift-Your-Expectations - Truck Centre Durban


  • OCTOBER 1 2020

Change your perspective with a fleet vehicle that fits your unique business needs and helps you achieve more. Keep an eye on our page for more information on this outstanding new vehicle coming to Truck Centre Durban!

Tailor-Made-Service-Plans-For-Your-Vehicle - Truck Centre Durban


  • SEPTEMBER 18 2020

ELEMENTS is a specialised high-quality service, that aims to ensure a long life for every vehicle in all sectors. Create your customised offer by combining the “elements” that best fit your needs, choose your Planned Maintenance Contracts. Keeping your vehicles on the road with minimal interruptions for maintenance and repairs is our priority.
Speak to us about more info.

Tel: 031 700 1222
Email: sales@truckcentredurban.co.za


  • AUGUST 26 2020

DRIVE NOW, PAY LATER, when you rent an Iveco Stralis 480, Stralis 430 or Trakker 440.
We’re giving you up to 6 months no payments, you only pay your first rental in February 2021!
For more information contact one of our sales team:
Cliff Dakin – 083 777 8516
Gustav Swanepoel – 081 789 8686
Tony Schroeder – 082 560 9988

Only applicable to the vehicles indicated. Terms and conditions apply. Iveco Capital, a product of WesBank – a division of FirstRand Bank Ltd. Registered Bank. An Authorised Financial Services and Registered Credit Provider. NCRCP20.


  • JULY 28 2020

Key point 3 to consider when buying a fleet vehicle.
Once you have decided on the vehicle, you will need to think about customising it. After all, branding is key to any fleet or transport company. It is how your brand is showcased to the world, and it needs to be done right. We have contacts for quality, reliable suppliers we have used in the past for our clients’ personal customising.


  • JULY 24 2020

Key point 2 to consider when buying a fleet vehicle.
Having a budget to stick to is important for any large financial purchase, especially a fleet vehicle. If you only have the budget for a medium-sized van, you will be less tempted to look at larger trucks. But you also need to take into account what you will be transporting, as this will dictate the size of your vehicle. You can draw up your own budget or you can speak to our financial advisers for help. Start by looking at your income after deductions, as well as regular expenses such as fuel, maintenance and services. Once you have created a budget, you can send in your finance application. You should account for sales taxes and other fees as well as include VAT so that you are not caught unawares and come up short.


  • JULY 09 2020

Key point 1 to consider when buying a fleet vehicle.

An important aspect to consider is what the vehicle will be used for. Now, this might sound simple, but it is an aspect that is often overlooked by many fleet owners. You need to have an idea in mind about what the vehicle will be used for before you can go to a dealership.

Look at what types of supplies you will be carrying, the volume of supplies you will be carrying, and the types of terrains you will be driving over. For example, if you are a boutique courier agency, a medium-sized van is perfect for moving packages from one province to another. But if you are going to be moving large objects, such as furniture or equipment, you will need to find a truck with a large trailer to fit the load.


  • JULY 09 2020

The official presentation of the new Iveco S-way R racing trucks for Team Hahn Racing and Team Schwabentruck has taken place at the Iveco test track at its facility in Ulm, Germany. Drivers Jochen Hahn and Steffi Halm put their new trucks through their paces on the test track, demonstrating the vehicles’ powerful performance.
“The Iveco S-Way R is – with no exaggeration – the best and the most stylish racing truck that we have ever produced. I can hardly wait to watch this ‘Iveco Bull’ really show what it’s capable of on the race track,” stated Jochen Hahn, six–time European truck racing champion, of his new truck, which he has lovingly nicknamed “Giulia”.
“When it comes to the colours, my truck is by far and away better-looking than Jochen’s,” said Steffi Halm, driver on the Schwabentruck team. “Although I suppose that doesn’t matter too much this season, seeing as he’s only going to see it from behind!”


  • JULY 06 2020

Key points to consider when buying a fleet vehicle.

As a fleet business owner, you usually have to upgrade your vehicles on a regular basis. Either you want to move on to using larger vehicles, you have taken on more clients or because you want to upgrade your fleet to look more modern and professional. Whatever the case, you will need to know what to look for in buying your next vehicle.

Here are a few handy tips we will be covering over this month:

  • What will it be used for?
  • Keep your budget in mind.
  • Think about customisation.


  • MAY 22 2020

Truck Centre Durban is proud to announce that our brand new Powerstar FT10 has arrived! Packed full of features, this latest model to the FT Series lineup boasts a Cummins Euro III 6 cyl with 270HP / 970 Nm torque, ZF 6 speed manual gearbox, 16 ton GVM and impressive 8 ton payload! Click here for the full FT10 spec:


  • MAY 22 2020

Having safe trucks on the roads is only part of ensuring deliveries arrive efficiently. Truck drivers spend many tiring hours behind the wheel and during these times, battle to find outlets for food which are closed under lockdown regulations. Recently, Fleetwatch in partnership with International Humanitarian Organisation, Ashraful Aid, handed out 500 meals to truck drivers at the Vaal 1-Stop, south bound on the N3. Read the full story here: 


  • MAY 14 2020

At Truck Centre Durban we care about the well-being of our staff and customers! We have been busy preparing our offices in compliance with the Department of Occupational Health and Safety guidelines to enforce a safe work environment for all. We have also installed 5 Sanitation Stations throughout the premises for staff and customers to use to sanitise their hands regularly, operated with a convenient foot pedal for hands-free operation for added safety.


  • April 30 2020

Yes people, we are set to be back in the offices from Monday 4th May! Please note, in the interests of responsible hygiene practices, all PPE will be observed – no mask, no entry. Let’s all work together to get back on track!


  • April 17 2020

50% is the lawful maximum capacity of people allowed in all passenger vehicles while travelling during lockdown. Taxis and buses may carry 7 to 15 passengers depending on the capacity of the vehicles while a special consideration will allow full capacity as long as all occupants are wearing protective masks. We all need to take these hygienic and social distancing measures extremely seriously if we are going to stop the spread of Covid-19.

  • April 08, 2020

During this time of lockdown, what exactly are “essential goods and services”? Freight logistics operations throughout South Africa, under the conditions of the Government Notice issued by the Minister of Corporate Governance and Traditional Affairs on 25 March 2020, may only transport and deliver the following essential goods:


  • March 27, 2020

While the unemployment rate in S.A. is always a concern, there is some good news in the transportation sector which is one of the top industries still hiring. Stats SA has shown that quarter on quarter for 2019, Services, Finance, Transport and Construction were the top 4 contributors to employment for the year. 


  • March 26, 2020

We are thrilled to have been awarded Sales Dealer of the Year for the Powerstar FT Series from Ever Star Industries (ESI) at this years’ Annual Dealer Sales Conference and Awards Ceremony 2020! No easy feat when competing against so many other great dealerships across the country, but our team professionalism and service excellence has reaped the rewards.

  • March 25, 2020

“Your Truck Your Way” is a fun, new social media campaign by Iveco to showcase the drivers and their lives on the road behind the wheels of their personalised Iveco S-Way trucks. Enthusiasts are asked to share photographs or video of their personalised vehicles on the Iveco’s Facebook and Instagram pages and the community will vote for the best design. “This activity aims at giving voice to the passion of our drivers, which is expressed in stunning customisations of their traveling companions.

  • March 12, 2020

With the Daily 4×4 van or chassis cab no place is out of reach anymore! Check out the new content on this awesome range here: 


  • March 3, 2020

Iveco has added yet another accolade to it’s name having just won the prestigious iF Design Award 2020 for the Iveco S-Way in the Automobiles/Vehicles Category. Recognised as a symbol of design excellence, the annual award competition is organised by iF International Forum Design GmbH in Hanover, Germany, one of the oldest independent design institutions in the world. The Iveco S-Way was selected by the international jury of 78 independent experts from 7,298 entries submitted from 56 countries. The extensive criteria for selection included the degree of innovation, uniqueness, execution and workmanship, functionality, safety, consideration of environmental standards, carbon footprint and universal design.


  • February 14, 2020

Following the success of the Powerstar FT Series from Ever Star Industries (ESI), the company is getting ready to launch the latest model to this medium truck lineup, the Powerstar FT10. The Powerstar FT Series brand has grown and established itself fairly quickly in the local market since it’s launch in 2018 with the 7.5T FT3 and 8.7T FT5, and the 13T FT8 released in the middle of last year. The FT Series chassis cab or van body models delivers on many aspects and “seeing repeat business” says Ever Star Industries Sales and Marketing Head, Rodney Selesnick. The next endeavour will be the 16T FT10 to be introduced early this year. Keep posted as we reveal more soon!


  • February 13, 2020

Due to popular demand, South Africa has just decided to re-introduce the 14-seater bus of a well-known vehicle brand. Clearly the people have needs, but can you afford not to invest into a globally-renowned quality vehicle for your passengers? The reliable and safe Iveco Daily Sisonke is easy to move through urban traffic and comfortable over distances. It comes standard with a 2 year unlimited km warranty, 3l turbo-charged engine and has the strongest van chassis available, making the taxi reliable over the long run. Available from a 12 – 23 seater with safety belts on all seats and ESP 9 brake technology for passenger’s safety.


  • February 11, 2020

Truck Centre Durban knows you are investing a lot into our trucks but while we offer you reliable and quality vehicles, there are some things that are out of our hands when you leave our dealership. Until now… We have partnered with Majority First Insurance to offer you custom-tailored packages to cover yourself with Trucking Insurance, Cross-Border Trucking, Owner Driver, Sasria and Goods in Transit Insurance for complete peace of mind. With 28 years experience and passion in the industry, you can be assured of the best insurance solutions for your business and logistics needs. Contact Mike Brown for all your heavy commercial insurance and more. Tel: +27 71 031 2429 / Email: mike@majorityfirst.co.za Majority First Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd, a Juristic Representative of Shevgen Investments t/a Randsure Brokers CC, an authorised financial services Provider, FSB 18857.


  • February 6, 2020

This marriage is electric! Iveco has partnered with FPT Industrial and hybrid truck design company, Nikola, to develop their first battery electric vehicle (BEV) for European markets. Titled the ‘Nikola TRE’, this 4×2 truck tractor is based on the IVECO S-WAY and integrates Nikola’s class-leading technology. With a range of up to 400km the dynamic performance is equal or better than a diesel equivalent model. The electric driveline will deliver 480 kW Continuous Power Output with 1,800Nm Peak Torque. This BEV will be the starting point for Nikola’s alternate clean power development which will ultimately be converted to fuel-cell technology and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) in the near future.

  • November 14, 2019

Digital freight forwarder Saloodo!, a subsidiary of DHL Global Forwarding, has launched its digital logistics platform for shippers and transport providers in South Africa, bringing the first digital road freight solution to the region.

Courtesy of FleetWatch

  • October 31, 2019

I​VECO announced the appointment of Thomas Hilse as IVECO Brand President. In this role, effective from November 1st, Thomas Hilse will take on global product management, sales, marketing and network development responsibility for the IVECO Brand, tasked with building on the brand’s position and expanding its presence in the world markets. He will be based in Turin, Italy.

  • September 30, 2019

The 5000 Milestone… now this achievement may not seem big for many other truck OEM’s that have been in South Africa for many, many years and have a heritage extending back over a century, but for a relatively newcomer to the market with a humble staff compliment of 200 people, we are proud to announce that our 5000th truck rolled off our Pietermaritzburg assembly line on 28 May 2019. We celebrated this in the good old fashion way and even awarded each staff member with a branded beanie to celebrate this fine achievement.